Winnie the pooh challenge weekend

If you go down to the woods today...

The very nice people at Ashdown Forest have given us special permission to run around there and experience the actual locations that inspired Christopher Robin & AA Milne to write the famous loveable bear books. 

Following on from the last successful few years ran by SVN the 2020 themes will be the Tigger Bouncathon held on Saturday the 3rd of October and the  Winnie the Pooh challenge held on Sunday the 4th of October. We know a few of you are still after the other medals in the series including Heffalump, Piglet, Owl, Kangaroo and Eeyore. Fear not, we will be bringing along a selection of these medals which can be earned instead however this will be strictly on a first come, first serve basis. In other words, when they"re gone, they're gone!

Christopher Milne wrote in his autobiography: "Pooh's forest and Ashdown Forest are identical". So you too can see The North Pole, run under the eaves of 100 Aker Wood, be sad in Eeyore’s Gloomy Place, try to spot the elusive creatures at the Heffalump Trap, run through The Enchanted Place, count the trees on Gill's Lap, play in Roo's Sandy Pit and basically all the locations from the books aside from Pooh Bridge (which is a few miles further away though one day we might yet be able to get permission to get up there!) you'll also be on the exact same locations where a number of scenes from the 2017 film "Goodbye Christopher Robin" were shot (they in fact finished shooting the scenes here just a week or so before SVN's 2016 event)

This route is fairly challenging trail with approximately 400' of gain per 5.25 mile lap, so will be about 2000' for a marathon type distance run. The reward is some lovely views across the countryside and some nice downhill parts!

View the route here on MapMyRun

Fancy dress is most certainly encouraged and the plan is to have a slightly different theme each day. Saturday will be the Tigger Bouncathon and Sunday will be the Winnie the Pooh challenge, with a different bespoke medal for each day of course! (as said above f you wish you can also choose one of the medals (subject to availability) from previous events!)

The event will be a six hour timed challenge event based in Ashdown Forest in East Sussex. Complete as many loops as you wish within the time limit, consume as many goodies as you wish within the time limit. Run a marathon, run an ultra, run less, as long as you complete one loop you're a finisher! We do warn you though, as with many of our events, you may consume more calories than you burn off!

It's our aim that this event makes an impactful difference to Ashdown Forest in a positive fashion and as such £5 from each entry fee will be donated directly to Ashdown Forest to aid them in maintaining this environment and facility.

Please explore the races and consider joining us!

Key Information

Date :- Tigger Bouncathon Saturday 3rd October 2020 

Winnie the Pooh Challenge Sunday 4th October

Start :- 9.30AM

Location :- Ashdown Forest 

Kidds Hill/B2026, Uckfield, East Sussex, TN22 3JD (Map)

Entry :- £39.95 each event 

Course :- 5.24 mile loops (though the exact route will be announced on the day as there are many options according to how muddy it is)

Event :- 6 hour challenge events

Changes :-  The cut off date for requests to change entries will be the 26th/27th September 2020

Frequently asked questions

What do I get?
You each event will receive
1) A bespoke medal.
2) A well earned big bar of chocolate
3) A well stocked base camp/aid stations with plenty of nibbles and refreshments for during and post race replenishment.

Where do I park? How do I get there?
Please refer to our Ashdown forest page, but basically the easiest thing to do is type Gills lap car park into google maps, thankfully it comes up! Please aquaint yourself with where we'll be... the first time we came here we got lost.

When do I get my race number?
You'll pick this up on race day morning from the race base camp.

Are there time limits?
Yes, six hours to run as many laps as you can. You can finish at any time within the 6 hours and your final distance will be recorded along with your finishing time. Only complete laps within the 6 hours will be recorded or you must have left the aid station for your last lap by 5.59:59 after race start (even if you finish that final lap after the six hours it'll count, you just have to have left for the final lap 5:59:59 after the start, and these time limits are hard, 6:00:01 and that's too late as is the custom with ultra endurance events (which this technically is, though there is absolutely no requirement to run an ultra!)).

Any runner completing more than 26.2 miles will have completed an official marathon (by 100 Marathon Club standards) or more than 27 miles will have completed an ultra. As long as you finish one lap then you'll receive an official finish time, medal and goody bag. With timed events there are no DNFs.

Do you have secure baggage facilities
No. But you're free to leave bags at the start/finish. There will always be someone around but we can't guarantee their security, in the event of rain we can't guarantee things won't get wet.

What the toilet facilities?
We'll have portable toilets at the base camp area.

Trail shoes? Road Shoes?
If its dry road shoes, if its wet trail shoes! The courses are a mix of trail types, sand, grass, chalk and (hopefully) dry mud.

Is the course closed to the public?
No. We are using a network of local footpaths and trails and is shared with ramblers, dogwalkers, horseriders and cyclists. Runners do not have the right of way and need to be considerate of other users of the land. Please don't litter, we'll have a bin at the base camp.

Ashdown Forest

Is big! You need to be in the right place. We're about 5 miles west of Crowborough and 7 miles south east of East Grinstead basically fairly near to the middle of nowhere.

There are several car parks here, as long as its not been monsooning we should be able to use the "Summer Car Park" and the All Year car park. Base camp will be in the Gills lap car park, if that fills then use the Gills North Lap car park (they are only a couple of hundred yards apart)


There is lots of parking available the first place to try is Gills Lap Car Park, then Gill's Lap North car park is Plan B. Plan C is the car park off the High Road about 300m south, Plan D is about 400m up Chuck's Hatch Road. I'd really suggest spending 2 minutes looking at the Google Map above and getting your bearings depending on which direction you're coming from.

What on course facilities do you provide?
Water, squash, nibbles, starter, timekeeper and encouragement every lap! Base station will be well stocked for all runners.

Can I leave personal drinks at the drinks station?
Yes, you may want to label it and we will not be responsible for people drinking the wrong drinks!

Can I use an ipod or mp3 player on the course?
Yes. Though please be aware that you are running on public footpaths with the general public so make sure that you pay attention to farm vehicles, cyclists, people, dogs, horseriders, wildlife and so on. On a couple of the routes there are road crossings to be aware of too although there is no actual running along roads involved.

General RunBelievable FAQs

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